Mauricio Hernández Norambuena, a short biography.

Mauricio Andrés Hernández Norambuena nace en Valparaíso, 23 de abril de 1958 - ) es un ex jefe del Frente Patriótico Manuel Rodriguez (FPMR). Conocido con diversos alias: "comandante Ramiro", "Braulio

Mauricio Hernández Norambuena, a short biography.

Mauricio Andrés Hernández Norambuena was born in Valparaíso on April the 23rd in 1958. He's one of the most unimpeachable leaders of the Manuel Rodríguez Patriotic Front, a leftish guerrilla organization founded in 1983 in Chile as a reaction to the Pinochet Dictatorship. 

Mauricio is als known as "comandante Ramiro", "Braulio”, “Rolando", "Pepe" and "Abuelo". Mauricio became famous over the world in 1996, when the Manuel Rodriguez Patriotic Front (FPMR) executed the helicopter escape of Mauricio and of three FPMR leaders from a maximum security prison near Santiago.

The FPMR action immediately brought the group into the public spotlight again, raised the specter of other impending strikes and introduced a sensitive new issue into Chilean internal politics regarding the current "threat of radical groups.

Mauricio Norambuena was arrested on February the 2nd in 2002 in Brasil for the kidnapping of Washington Olivetto, a very rich brasilian company manager, and he was condemned to 30 years of prison.

Mauricio is nowadays suffering the conditions of the first Maximum Security Prison of Brasil, Catanduvas (Paraná) a prison that Brasilian People had paid 10 Million of dollars and that will be able to have 208 detainees.

The prison has 12,600 square meters and a capacity for 208 inmates who will be submitted to what is called the Differentiated Disciplinary Regime (RDD). The Guantanamo of Brasil is a reality and Mauricio is enfacing it.

Penal de máxima seguridad de Porto Velho

Escriba a Mauricio:
Mauricio Hernández Norambuena
Penitenciária Federal de Mossoró - RN
Rodovia RN15, Km12, Estrada MOssoró-Baraunas
CEP 59600-970 Mossoró - RN

Comités Patrióticos por Mauricio Norambuena
5794 días de regimen
carcelario inhumano.

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